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​|Producer, Director, Director of Photography

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Chris Stahl is a multifaceted, entrepreneurial-minded, digital media professional with a background in photo, video, business strategy, and marketing. 


Innovation through exploration, and a curiosity paired with determination is the driving force behind the progression of Chris' professional career. He uses the digital space to understand our culture’s lifestyles, choices, and trends, and leverages this understanding to encourage innovation through exploration. 


Having had the pleasure of wearing multiple hats on an assortment of projects, Chris' background has given him experience researching and analyzing trends, business operations architecture, managing and coordinating projects, and merging creative, strategic, and analytical thinking to provide high-quality media solutions to clients. As an exceptionally perceptive entrepreneur, Chris is a quick study, adaptive, and optimistic about science, technology, design, the digital space, and its place in our culture. 

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